From my experience, YES they are. Vance and I lost and have kept off our weight by using home workout programs, and we still use them. You’ve read our story and know that Vance has lost over 80 pounds and I’ve lost 30 pounds, that’s over 110 pounds combined. I like to say combined because we did it together. A couple who works out together stays together. We use programs that work for our lifestyle and that we enjoy. We actually became Fitness and Nutrition Coaches because of the programs we use. The great thing about the programs we use is that they also come with nutrition plans, which makes life so much easier. It took us a little while to learn that eighty percent of what you eat determines your weight loss. Nutrition plays a huge part in losing weight but it is important to have a workout and nutrition plan. Vance and I are not experts, but we have trained and studied enough to know what works. When we discovered Shakeology, and started drinking it every day, that was the game changer in our nutrition. It helped us fill the gaps we were missing with our nutrition.

As Fitness and Nutrition Coaches, we help our clients find a workout program that works with their lifestyle, then we help them achieve their goals by being there for them when they have questions and need motivation to keep going. We chat with our clients from all over the country in online accountability groups, through email, text, or a call. So, do we think Home Workout Programs really work? Heck Yeah they do! Just look at us. If you would like to see what a Home Workout Program can do for you, contact me and I can help you find one that will work for your lifestyle. Every program is not for everyone.

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