Check with your Doctor

Always check in with your doctor if you have had or are having any health issues. Your doctor will let you know how you need to approach this new journey. Most likely, your doctor is going to be tickled pink that you are doing this.

Baby Steps

Babies have to learn how to walk. They don’t start out by running a marathon. It takes time to reach your goals, if you want them to last. Making small changes every day or week will make a huge difference. A friend of mine has an issue with snacking after supper until he goes to bed. So he is making an effort to say no to the snacking every other night, then two nights in a row, then three, and so on and so on. You get the picture. He is doing great on working out but he really struggles with the nutrition part, but he is taking it one step at a time. So you need to find your main struggle and work on that one thing, until your get ready for the next step.

Having a Plan

A plan is your map. You must plan your workouts and meals. You need to schedule your workouts like they are doctor appointments. Find time that works for you. You may even have to drag yourself out of bed an hour early. Yes, I said it and yes you can. When I was working days twelve and a half hours, I had to leave my house at five thirty in the morning. I had planned on working out when I got home from work but I was always so tired. So I planned on getting up at three in the morning and I did it. After a while, it wasn’t that bad. I made it a habit. Habits are sometimes hard to make but when they are made they are had to break. So plan to work out when you know there will be no distractions and you can get it done. FYI: Morning workouts are the best because you get them done first thing and nothing can get in the way after that. You also need to plan what kind of workout you are going to do. Are you going to join a gym or fitness class, or are you going to do something at home. I do home workouts, so I prefer those over having to drive to the gym. Just ask if you’re interested in at home workout programs.


Having a direction is always good in life. When you travel, you always have a destination, right? It’s the same way with fitness and nutrition. You must have a goal to reach or you will never know when you’ve reached it. Its like taking a road trip and not knowing where you are going. Make a long term gland break it down into pieces. For example, if you want to lose fifty pounds by summer and summer is in six months you would need to lose eight pounds and a few ounces a month or two pounds a week. That can be a realistic goal, but remember, starting out can be tough. I tell most of my clients that five pounds a month is very doable especially when you are getting used to something new. Five pounds a month may not seem like much, but when you add it up, that’s thirty pounds in six months or sixty pounds in a year. And remember, the scale isn’t the only way to measure success. A measuring tape is very helpful too, especially when the scale quits moving.


When you have a partner to check in with, you are more likely to do what you said you would do. If you are meeting someone to walk three miles at six o’clock in the morning, you better bet you’ll get your tush out of bed. You are not going to leave your friend to walk alone, besides the fact that you may not have a friend anymore, it’s just rude and you are not a rude person. I run accountability or challenge groups on a monthly basis and challengers check in with the group daily. It’s almost like having someone there with you. We share nutrition tips, fitness tips,recipes, and simply motivate each other. So find a person you can trust to help you and will check in with you to make sure you are working out and eating healthy. Like I said I have accountability challenge groups going every month, so let me know if you would like to join and I can give you the details.

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