From my experience, YES they are. Vance and I lost and have kept off our weight by using home workout programs, and we still use them. You’ve read our story and know that Vance has lost over 80 pounds and I’ve lost 30 pounds, that’s over 110 pounds combined. I like to say combined because we did it together. A couple who works out together stays together. We use programs that work for our lifestyle and that we enjoy. We actually became Fitness and Nutrition Coaches because of the programs we use. The great thing about the programs we use is that they also come with nutrition plans, which makes life so much easier. It took us a little while to learn that eighty percent of what you eat determines your weight loss. Nutrition plays a huge part in losing weight but it is important to have a workout and nutrition plan. Vance and I are not experts, but we have trained and studied enough to know what works. When we discovered Shakeology, and started drinking it every day, that was the game changer in our nutrition. It helped us fill the gaps we were missing with our nutrition.

Having a reward waiting for you when you reach a goal can be a great motivator. One reward that seems so easy is a food reward. I suggest you stay away from food rewards. They are just temptations that you are justifying. Before you know it, you are eating the exact food that made you unhealthy to start with. So make a list of things, nonfood related, that make great rewards.

If your goal is to lose weight you can make rewards for each goal weight such as:

10 lbs- facial
20 lbs-new outfit
30 lbs-full body massage
40 lbs-new wardrobe
50 lbs-vacation

It is so hard to start a health journey. Some people have no problem starting a healthy eating program and some have no problem starting a workout program. Then there are those who have problems starting both. The most important thing about starting a health journey is knowing “why” you are starting this journey. Having a “why” will help you get started and stick with it when you want to quit. When figuring out your “why” dig deep. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, think  about “why” do I want to lose weight”. Is it because you’ve got a beach vacation in 4 months? If that’s your why, you will not get very far. Most people that I have dealt with will quit when they start packing for the vacation and usually will not start back when the vacation is over. Losing weight is more than just wanting to look good at the beach.  Losing weight is about getting healthy. A health journey is all about sticking with a healthy lifestyle.

Check with your Doctor

Always check in with your doctor if you have had or are having any health issues. Your doctor will let you know how you need to approach this new journey. Most likely, your doctor is going to be tickled pink that you are doing this.

Baby Steps

Babies have to learn how to walk. They don’t start out by running a marathon. It takes time to reach your goals, if you want them to last. Making small changes every day or week will make a huge difference. A friend of mine has an issue with snacking after supper until he goes to bed. So he is making an effort to say no to the snacking every other night, then two nights in a row, then three, and so on and so on. You get the picture. He is doing great on working out but he really struggles with the nutrition part, but he is taking it one step at a time. So you need to find your main struggle and work on that one thing, until your get ready for the next step.