About Us

The Jack Quest was created to help people on their health and fitness journey. Most would think we named it after us, but that’s not entirely true. We were looking for powerful words that would stand up to what we believed in this journey of life. While pilfering through many words, we decided to look up Jack. The word jack as a verb means to lift or raise up. When you look around in our society today there is so much negativity. We want to be people who can lift you up and help you to rise to your most highest potential. We are looking at raising up warriors beside us to battle the trend of obesity.

Meet Tina

My name is Tina and my story goes way back but I’ll make it brief. I was a small child until fourth grade. My best friend’s mother went to an aerobic class and my best friend invited me to tag along. We had so much fun, then we would go eat at a fast food restaurant. I would be so hungry after class that I would eat a large hamburger with fries and a coke. Well, for some reason I started gaining weight. My mother said it was because the aerobic class was making my bones mature quicker, because I was, now, big boned. Of course, it was the crapping eating I was doing and who really knows what I was putting into my body at that fast food restaurant. So let’s fast forward a bit. I was called names because I was bigger than the other girls in my class, and most of the boys, until high school. In high school health class is when I realized that this wasn’t normal or healthy. I started studying more about health and fitness. I tried a few different diets and Richard Simmons workouts that came on the television.  At 19 years old, I was the most active and outgoing and the best shape of my life… until now. So life passed by from 19-40, I would try the the fad diets and exercises at the time. I would gain and lose and at times just didn’t care. You know… life happens. My journey really began in 2013. This was the year I turned 40 years old. I was at my heaviest weight and I had to do something. I started by eating healthier. I found a Power 90 DVD set that we had bought years before. My husband and I both did this Power 90 a few years ago and lost weight, so I knew it worked. You always seem to go back to what works,right?

Motivation factor #1
In 2012, my dad had a stroke that paralyzed him on his right side (which was his dominate side). He weight over 200lbs and I quickly learned that I was not strong. I had to call for help when he would fall, because I could not lift him. So my motivation this time around, was to lose weight and get strong and stay that way.

Motivation factor #2
I watched my husband get bigger and bigger every year. I couldn’t make him eat healthy and exercise, he was a grown man. Ever been there? I did cook healthier foods and exercised, even in front of him. I learned that being a good example was sometimes the best route to travel. I ordered T25 for him for Christmas in 2013. He didn’t seem thrilled. So after Christmas, I started T25 without him. I barely made it through the first 5 minutes, but I kept going. I had to push pause a few times. After a few months, my husband noticed that I had lost weight and felt better. He joined in.


Vance has lost over 80 lbs and I have lost 30 lbs and we have kept it off. Now we pass along what we have learned on our journey and hope that you pass it along to someone you know who needs help or encouragement.

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